Monday, December 31, 2012

How to join broker Exness

Account type Exness

How can I start trading with EXNESS?

To start trading at financial and currency markets, please complete the following steps:

Open real trading account

1.Klik right your mouse and select new tab link in here
2.Select an account type with the most suitable terms for you.
3.Provide personal information that is required to open an account. Please remember that under Privacy Policy our company has no right to share personal information of our clients with third parties, except as permitted and required by applicable law.
4.Enter the ID codes that were sent to your email and phone.
5.Select one of the security types for confirmation of non-trading operations on your account. Important! Email security type provides the lowest level of protection! We advise you to use a higher level of security with confirmation of operations via SMS or keyfile.
6.Set up all required passwords. Please store them in a secure place and do not share them with others!

Top up your account

1.Before making a deposit, please read through our General Business Terms for deposits and withdrawals.
2.Then sign in to Personal Area at EXNESS site and click Deposit.
3.Enter the deposit amount, select the most convenient payment method and currency.
4.Confirm the operation.

Install trading terminal

1.Download the trading platform. At this page, you can also find mobile terminal and additional EXNESS software.
2.Follow the installer instructions to install MetaTrader.
3.When the installation is complete, run the terminal.
4.Perform authorization to access the trading account.
5.Before trading, please read through the built-in terminal Help to learn about platform functionality.

Now you can start trading different financial instruments provided by EXNESS.

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